Sinful Colors Wicked Neon collection Halloween 2019

*I was sent this collection for free by Sinful Colors, but all opinions are my own*

For Halloween 2019, Sinful Colors has released an 8 piece polish collection along with 4 artificial nail designs.

Here is a link to a spreadsheet of Walmarts receiving the collection: *Keep in mind it may be a few weeks until they put the displays out on the floor*

Target will only be getting two shades: W*tch Please and Techno Violet. The link to Target is here:

The nail polish is the usual $1.99 each and the artificial nails are $4.99.

Every piece in this collection has black light technology, meaning they glow under black light. The “claws”, unlike the polishes, actually glow in the dark.

The 8 piece polish collection has 4 neon creme polishes and 4 glitter polishes. As I said, all 8 polishes glow under black light, but do not glow in the dark.

Continuing in their collaboration with Bebe Rexha, 3 of the polishes bear a “Bebe’s Shade” sticker, and one of the “Claws” fake nails bear a “Bebe’s Nail Art” sticker.

My thoughts on this collection:

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t overly interested in this collection and I wasn’t going to buy it immediately this year. I was considering getting the glitters, but I was going to wait and see what other people said about them. After I reviewed the Bebe Rexha Velvet Matte collaboration, Sinful Colors contacted me and offered to send me Bebe’s next launch. Obviously I was ecstatic since I’ve been collecting every collection they’ve released for many years now.

The polishes: After swatching the polishes, I realized the creme polishes are very sheer and jelly-like. I used 3 coats for each polish to get full opacity. I love that the pink and purple have a different color glow under black light. In the glitter polishes, the clear base is blacklight capable, but the glitter is not (I don’t know if blacklight glitter is even possible). Under black light, the glitter gives a dotted look which I think is really cool. In summary, I’d get all the glitters and the pink and purple cremes.

The claws: I honestly don’t wear fake nails ever, so I wasn’t even considering picking these up. I have long and wide nail beds, so I already knew that I was going to have a difficult time finding the right sizes, but thankfully the biggest size fit my thumb perfectly. Unfortunately, the nails are very short, meaning I would have to cut my nails down to my skin for them to fit without my natural nail peaking out. I definitely wasn’t going to cut my long nails on my left hand, so I applied the fake nails to my right hand. The package comes with stick-on glue globs that were relatively easy to apply. The nails felt very secure with the glue and would only come off with force. Since I’m not used to wearing fake nails, I couldn’t help but pick at them the whole time. I lasted a full 24 hours before I just had to rip them off. But while I had them on, they drove me crazy. There was a gap between the fake nail and my natural nail since the glue glob didn’t fit over my whole nail. Since there was a gap, I would accidentally get my hair caught and pull out a chunk of my hair. In summary, if you have tiny baby nails and like fake nails, try them out. I’m not meant to wear them, so I really couldn’t give them a fair review.

The Polishes:

2587: Glow For It, pink glitter with orange glitter shards

2588: W*tch Please, pink jelly creme

2589: Blue In The Dark, blue jelly creme

2590: Wicked Gaze, green glitter

2591: Cyber Witch, purple glitter

2592: Magic Hack, blue glitter

2593: Witch’s Brew, green jelly creme

2594: Techno Violet, purple jelly creme

Witch’s Brew: 3 coats

Wicked Gaze: 1 coat over Witch’s Brew

3 coats by itself

Techno Violet: 3 coats

Cyber Witch: 1 coat over Techno Violet

3 coats by itself

W*tch Please: 3 coats

Glow For It: 1 coat over W*tch Please

3 coats by itself

Blue In The Dark: 3 coats

Magic Hack: 1 coat over Blue In The Dark

3 coats by itself

The Claws:

Web Of Lies, Bad To The Bone, Cat Call, and Psychedelic Potion.

The Claws are actually glow in the dark as well.

The package come with sticky adhesives, an orange wood stick, a cleansing pad, and a small emery board.

Web Of Lies

Bad To The Bone

Cat Call

Psychedelic Potion

4 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Wicked Neon collection Halloween 2019

  1. Super great photos as always! And so many photos, they help so much to show how the polish looks! I think my favorite under the blacklight is the purple, I didn’t expect it to look like that. But the pink and glitter combination is so cool as well! All in all I really like these a lot!

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