LA Colors Neon Jelly collection + swatches

This is an 8 piece collection of jelly polishes with iridescent glitters.

Jelly polish is translucent and looks “squishy” on the nails. It honestly looks just like jello.

I bought these for $3 each from the LA Colors website.

CNL362 – Sunbeam, yellow jelly glitter

CNL363 – Solstice, orange jelly glitter

CNL364 – Tropical Punch, melon jelly glitter

CNL365 – Glamingo, pale pink jelly glitter

CNL366 – Electric Lime, green jelly glitter

CNL367 – Purple Shock, magenta jelly glitter

CNL368 – Razzle Berry, blue jelly glitter

CNL369 – Ruby Rouge, red jelly glitter

I did either 2 or 3 coats for each color. Depending on your preference of jellies, you can always just use 1 coat if that’s what you like. I also included swatches with a matte topcoat because I was curious what it would look like.

Ruby Rouge – 2 coats

Tropical Punch – 2 coats

Solstice – 3 coats

Sunbeam – 3 coats

Glamingo – 3 coats

Purple Shock – 2 coats

Razzle Berry – 2 coats

Electric Lime – 2 coats

In conclusion, this collection is great if you are into jelly polishes. Although, you could always apply a base color if the see-through look isn’t for you.

4 thoughts on “LA Colors Neon Jelly collection + swatches

  1. These look amazing on your nails! There is something almost nostalgic about these… reminds me of squishy plastic with glitter in it, I think I might have had a pair of sandals as a kid that had straps with a similar look!


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